Best Android Phones Under $200 in 2022

We’ve gathered the Best Android phones under $200 on the grounds that, in all honesty, there are a lot of superb, reasonable cell phones you ought to think about. Cell phones costing $1,000 or more have emerged, and for somebody on a strict spending plan, such excessive evaluating may quickly turn into an issue.

With four cameras, a big screen to see a large number of photos and films, and four years of programming redesigns, the Samsung Galaxy A13 is our top pick on the off chance that you want another phone but have a couple hundred bucks to spend. To ensure you’re getting the most incentive for your cash, we tested a tonne of Android phones(opens in new tab), and that is the means by which we thought of our rundown of the best Android phones.

The best Android Phones Under $200

The best Android Phones Under $200
The best Android Phones Under $200

Samsung Galaxy A13 (Best Overall Affordable Phone)

When you consider the best Samsung phones, your brain presumably floats to gadgets like the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra—enormous, gaudy, and costly phones that are certain to break the bank. In any case, if you want to get a Samsung phone but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Galaxy A13 is a good option.

For reference, this is an unexpected phone in comparison to the Galaxy A13 5G, which is a more costly phone. That model adds 5G, more RAM and capacity, and packs in a quicker processor, but drops the showcase and camera quality.

That show is likely the greatest thing about the A13 without skipping a beat. At 1080p+ goal, it’s twice as pixel-thick as what the more costly A13 5G offers, and we most certainly see the distinction. It’s likewise very huge at 6.6-inches, goes edge-to-edge with the phone’s left and right casings, and has a teardrop selfie camera pattern with a little base bezel. So, if you watch a lot of movies and play a lot of games, the A13 will make your movies and games stand out magnificently.

The A13 boasts four cameras: a 50MP primary, an 8MP wide-angle, a 2MP large scale, and a 2MP profundity sensor. The picture quality won’t blow you away, but the cameras take care of business for online entertainment and permit some picture taking (particularly with the super wide camera).

The different features of the Galaxy A13 incorporate expandable storage—which helps compensate for the absence of RAM thanks to Samsung’s virtual RAM tech—an exceptionally liberal 5,000 mAh battery, 15W quick charging, and Samsung’s custom One UI programming stacked with vast highlights and settings.

It even accompanies Android 12 out of the container, which is an awfully unique case in this price class. Even better? Samsung guarantees four years of safety refreshes for the phone, which is totally unfathomable in this price class, making it the best phone you might potentially purchase for under $200.


  • Current showcase with little bezels
  • Huge 5,000mAh battery
  • 15W quick charging
  • Samsung’s One UI programming
  • Expandable capacity
  • Android 12


  • No water or residue opposition
  • No 5G
  • Just 3GB RAM

Nokia G20 – Best Affordable Unlocked Phone

None of the phones on this rundown are viewed as costly, but in the event that you’re attempting to spend your cash on something solid, the Nokia G20 is for you. Sitting towards the maximum furthest reaches of $200, it’s the best spending plan to have here by the day’s end. You can get a tonne of significant value from each dollar spent on the G20 rather than the less expensive G10.

The Nokia G20 is furnished with a 6.52-inch IPS LCD, making it bigger than its less expensive ancestors. While it costs somewhat more, you get a HD+ goal of 720×1600, a MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, and a great 128GB of expandable storage (up to 512GB). Sadly, there’s no quick charging, but you shouldn’t need to meddle with it to an extreme because of the liberal 5,050 mAh battery.

The Nokia G20 is fueled by Android One, and that implies you’ll get two years of Android updates and three years of month-to-month security patches, which ought to help you through 2023. The phone ships with Android 11, but updates to Android 12 and 13 are planned for the future. The product experience is superb as there’s no bloatware and Nokia sticks to stock Android.

The phone comes with a beautiful finished back, accessible in two tones, with a side-mounted unique mark scanner. The Nokia G20 sports an IPX2 rating, making it water resistant in nature. You likewise get a quad-camera set up, including a 48MP essential camera that is shockingly fair. Nokia pressed the perfect elements into this feature-rich gadget, making the G20 our top sub-$200 proposal.


  • Clean programming with Android One
  • IPX2 sprinkle sealing
  • Enormous 5,050mAh battery
  • Quad cameras
  • 128GB Storage, expandable up to 512GB


  • No quick charging
  • Feeble processor
  • Doesn’t uphold all U.S. transporters

Moto G Play (2021) – Best Battery Life Phone

Moto has customarily been the lord of the sub-$200 class, and the Moto G Play (2021) is no special case for Motorola’s standard here. Obviously, it makes a couple of spec compromises to arrive at this sticker price, but it’s as yet an entirely pleasant piece of tech.

The presentation is a 6.5-inch, 720p HD+ LCD, yet it finishes the work. You likewise benefit from decent bezels and a little waterdrop score, making this a fairly decent phone for watching recordings or playing light games. You’ll track down additional recognisable minimizations with the 13MP + 2MP double-back cameras, but they’re useful for fast transfers to your #1 virtual entertainment application.

The Moto G Play (2021) has a finger impression sensor on the back in the Moto logo, which is just as quick and solid as you could want. There’s likewise an earphone jack and backing for expandable capacity, alongside a marvellous 5,000 mAh battery and backing for all U.S. transporters. Due to the lower power processor and lower goal score, we found that Motorola’s 3-day battery duration claims were completely reachable, making this the best battery duration pick of the pack.

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of the Moto G Play (2021) is that Motorola has confirmed that it will only receive one significant stage update — to Android 11! Motorola sent the Moto G Play in 2021 with Android 10 (meaning it was at that point obsolete) and didn’t find time to update it to Android 11 until 2022. Basically, Motorola will provide two years of quarterly security refreshes for the phone, guaranteeing it’s protected to run for an additional couple of years.


  • Huge, brilliant HD show
  • Enormous 5,000mAh battery
  • 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Motorola’s custom programming
  • Works with each U.S. transporter


  • No NFC or official IP rating
  • Just 3GB of RAM
  • Won’t refresh past Android 11
  • Low res show

TCL 20 SE – Best Display Phone

The TCL 20 SE may not have the most cutting-edge specifications, but don’t put too much stock in it. Under $200, you won’t find a more enamoring show than this phone’s 6.82-inch clear LCD board. The waterdrop score looks a little dated, but the whole bundle in general supports the value of this phone.

Commercial TCL gives you a decent arrangement alongside all that screen land. You get heaps of memory, with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage that can be expanded up to 256GB. There’s likewise a finger impression scanner on the tastefully satisfying posterior of the phone. The TCL 20 SE has a generous 5,00mAh battery that tops up faster than any phone in this class, inferable from its 18W quick charging speed.

You get a pleasant arrangement of quad cameras, including a 48MP essential focal point. On the product side of things, the TCL 20 SE is fueled by Android 11. In the engine, you will find a Snapdragon 460 chipset to keep the whole phone above water. What keeps this phone from being our main pick is the absence of any future stage updates or any way of waterproofing. However, TCL guarantees two years of safety refreshes.


  • Huge, wonderful presentation
  • 5,000mAh battery with 18W quick charging
  • Hearty internals
  • A lot of installed stockpiling
  • Back mounted, unique finger impression peruser


  • Needs NFC
  • No IP rating
  • No more OS refreshes.

OnePlus Nord N100 – Affordable Phone

Despite the fact that OnePlus became famous by offering lead-quality phones at more reasonable sticker costs, it was only after the Nord presentation series that it truly began to deliver genuine financial plan level phones. Tragically, the first Nord and Nord 2 weren’t delivered in North America. However, those in the U.S. and, what’s more, Canada can get their hands on the genuine value of phones in the Nord arrangement, including the Nord N10 5G and N100.

Coming in at under $200, the OnePlus Nord N100 is a really great bundle. It includes a 6.52-inch LCD screen, a 5,000mAh battery, and 64GB of on-gadget capacity with the capacity to extend up to 512GB through the microSD space. Likewise, there is a triple camera setup on the back alongside a finger impression sensor, and it highlights double speakers front and center.

Pretty much the main genuine drawback to the N100 is that it ships with Android 10 and OnePlus’ OxygenOS 10.5. You can refresh to OxygenOS 11 immediately since Android 11 is the aggregate of its foundation refreshes. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’ve practically forever needed a OnePlus phone yet couldn’t bear the cost of it, this is an extraordinary choice. On the other hand, on the off chance that you can swing somewhat more, you can get the fresher OnePlus Nord N200 5G for around $240.


  • Huge, brilliant showcase
  • Huge 5,000mAh battery
  • Accuses of USB-C
  • OnePlus’ OxygenOS programming
  • Expandable capacity


  • Modest plastic back
  • No authority water proofing
  • Ships with Android 10

Blackview BV4900 – Best Rugged Phone

Putting a case on the phone is a great method for guaranteeing it stays protected all through your day-to-day use, but a few phones were intended to be rough and strong from the outset. One such phone is the Blackview BV4900, and in the event that you’re inclined to ungainliness or work in a truly demanding climate, the BV4900 is a strong decision.

The plan of the BV4900 makes its roughness undeniable, and it has solidity evaluations to back it up. In addition to the fact that there is an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, you also get a MIL-STD-810G certificate. This implies the BV4900 was trying to endure drops of up to five feet.

Moving past its plan, there are a lot of different features for the BV5900. It has a gigantic 5,580mAh battery, USB-C charging, and NFC for contactless Google Pay installments. There is also 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which can be expanded to 128GB. There are no stage upgrades past the pre-introduced Android 10, and there is no finger impression sensor.

Blackview’s plan for the BV4900 positively isn’t a great fit for everybody, except assuming you’re somebody that realises you’d profit from a ruggedized handset like this, it’s surely worth a decent, hard look. The Blackview BV4900 makes a tonne of compromises, but its absolute bottom sticker price is surely exceptionally alluring.


  • Military-grade toughness rating
  • IP68 dust/water security
  • Monstrous 5,580mAh battery
  • USB-C and NFC
  • Entirely reasonable


  • No unique mark sensor
  • Android 10 without any updates
  • Thick and weighty with out of control plan

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Primary Concern 

Only a couple of years prior, $200 couldn’t get you much in that frame of mind of the best Android phones. In 2022, be that as it may, it’s really astounding just the number of choices you have at such a low cost. There are a lot of “modest” Android phones that are perfect.

We think the best Android phone under $200 is the Nokia G20, out of everything presently accessible. For the typical individual looking for another phone, the Nokia G20 is incredible. The presentation looks sufficient, the exhibition is perfect for most applications and light games, the three back cameras are a lot of fun to utilize, and that 5,050mAh battery is a lifeline.

Despite the fact that there are more up-to-date phones out there, the Nokia G20 is yet to be brought down as the worthy lord of the sub-$200 fragment. Everything reduces to the 4GB/128GB memory choices, the side-mounted finger impression sensor, quad cameras, and underestimated highlights like Face Open. We should not forget the brilliant stock Android experience with guaranteed upgrades to Android 12 and Android 13.

The different phones on this rundown are absolutely worth looking at as well. However, to keep things simple, go with the Moto G Play (2021) and go on with your life. We think you’ll be satisfied with it.

How to choose the right phone under $200

When you’re on a limited financial plan, purchasing another phone isn’t the simplest thing to do. Most phones in the sub-$200 price range appear to be the same, but which brands can you trust and which should you pay special attention to?

At under $200, it’s unprecedented to get a phone that isn’t made of plastic. It’s basically impossible to get around this, as it’s a colossal expense-saving measure most makers take. If not, you’ll spend something else on a costly phone body, and the organisation should scale back somewhere else.

It’s likewise extremely normal to find phones with a standard HD show — otherwise called 720p — rather than a full-HD 1080p or higher goal. A few phones, similar to the Samsung Galaxy A13, offer a 1080p presentation that looks considerably better compared to others in this class.

However, in general, that lower goal is preferable for two reasons.For one thing, most phones under $200 don’t have a strong processor. Without that additional handling power, a higher-goal show will wind up causing the phone to feel a bit laggy when a tonne is going on. Second, a lower-goal display keeps the phone’s battery from lasting too long on a single charge.

Phones like the Moto G Play (2021) are an incredible illustration of this, as they include a lower-spec Snapdragon 460 processor and a 720p presentation, but can endure up to three whole days on a solitary charge. You won’t track down that on any more costly phone available, and, besides sheer cost reserve funds, that is one of the principal motivations for picking a phone under $200.

Most phones in this category only have 3–4 GB of RAM, which is sufficient for most low-budget shows. The lower-power processors can’t perform multiple tasks especially well, so having a lot of RAM won’t help things much. However, in specific cases, having additional RAM could assist in causing your phone to feel a bit speedier. Samsung’s virtual RAM innovation permits you to utilise a little part of a microSD card as a way to “practically” make more RAM and could be an incredible feature relying upon your application utilization.

Having said that, you should never expect to get a slew of major working framework reports on a phone in this price range. While most phones get a single major OS update—typically from Android 11 to Android 12, or something similar—a few phones will only get security updates for a couple of years and then be done. While significant OS refreshes are a comfort, they don’t necessarily seem OK for a phone with a lower-power processor as new elements frequently require good handling ability to be good to utilize.

Those security refreshes are what you ought to really focus on, and that is the reason Samsung got the best of the lot in this classification. Samsung’s guarantee of four years of security updates for the Galaxy A13 is double that of any other manufacturer on this page. While lower-power processors don’t necessarily hold up well for that long, it’s great to know that your phone will not be helpless against digital assaults or malware however long you own the phone.

Would it be a good idea for you to pick a phone without a sim or contract phone?

At under $200, a large number of propositions the simple choice to pick between getting them out and out — otherwise called sans sim since they don’t accompany a transporter’s SIM card — or adding them to your phone plan as a feature of your month to-month bill. While a huge number of the items on this rundown won’t cost anything by any means from extraordinary remote transporters like T-Mobile, it very well may be worth simply getting them inside and out for various reasons.

Most importantly, at under $200, these phones are very reasonable. Many of the phones on the preceding list are available for under $150, making them much easier to bear — especially when compared to flagship cell phones, which frequently cost $600 or more to purchase outright.

Second is the way that putting a sub-$200 phone on an agreement implies you’re left with it for a long time until the agreement is fulfilled. While your transporter could offer a method for taking care of it early, it’s logical at a greater expense than it would have cost to buy it through and through from Amazon or Best Buy.

Third, is the way that most sub-$200 phones will quite often get a piece delayed for over a two-year time span, and that is assuming you bought the phone right when it emerged. For example, if you somehow managed to pick a Moto G Play (2021) at the present moment, you would be using a phone that is now around a year and a half old, meaning it’s most likely not going to be ideal to use for all that significantly longer, considerably less two years from now.

Are low-cost Android phones useful?

Indeed, modest Android smartphones can be great for the vast majority of various kinds of individuals. In any case, exactly the way that great could a phone be at any point be assuming that it’s 1/fifth of the cost of premium phones like a Samsung Galaxy S22(opens in new tab)? Clearly, you’re passing up something by setting aside a lot of cash, correct?

Purchasing a modest Android phone is a bit like purchasing a modest vehicle for your day-to-day drive. That vehicle’s whole objective is to get you to and from your home, work environment, or school and not considerably more. Essentially, a sub-$200 phone will meet your day-to-day needs and likely not significantly more.

In the two situations, you ought to hope to forego extravagant elements and different fancy odds and ends when you choose to set aside cash. Try not to go into a cell phone expecting a screen that is really brilliant in direct sunlight or to be stunned by each photograph you take with its cameras. By the same token, you will not get an autopilot or a reinforcement camera with a very reasonable vehicle.

Moreover, guarantee you’re getting yourself in a position for execution assumptions while moving into one or the other classification. A reasonable vehicle won’t arrive at thruway speeds immediately, and you ought to never hope to race one. Moreover, a $200 or less phone won’t mess around well indeed and will not perform various tasks between applications quite well, all things considered.

Basically, you ought to anticipate that listening to music, looking at web-based entertainment, watching a video on YouTube, or simply perusing Android Central in a hurry will be a decent general experience on one of these phones. These phones have a multi-day battery life, which is a huge benefit of this lower-priced, lower-power class.

How long do modest Android phones last?

By and large, clients who spend under $200 on a modest Android phone will find their purchase can last them something like two years before the phone starts to feel a bit slow or old. That is frequently why manufacturers only commit to one major OS update, as a few new features may end up dialling the phone back too far.

During that two-year possession period, it’s essential to pick a maker that guarantees standard security refreshes. Generally, producers in this price range will vow to convey quarterly security updates to ensure that no major security weaknesses crop up on your phone. phones with late security patches are undeniably more averse to succumbing to malware or different sorts of digital assaults.

Since most sub-$200 phones will just get one significant Android update and two years of safety refreshes, it’s generally critical to pick a phone that actually has numerous long periods of help left.

While going to these lengths in thought, the most vulnerable connection on our rundown is the Blackview BV4900, which won’t probably ever see another update. While that is fine in certain conditions, you’ll have to be extra careful to keep away from scenarios(opens in new tab) that could wind up putting malware on your phone.

Best Android phones under $200 – Conclusion

There are loads of Best Android phones under $200, and we have brought a portion of those locales to you. Yet, in the expanse of the Internet, there’s something else to find out. So we will proceed with this series of astounding sites and will before long present them.

Which Phones did you like the most? Let us know down in the comment segment and remember to impart this article to your companions. You can also tell us about some other amazing places you’ve visited. What’s more, your site could provide one more rundown in our impending articles. On the off chance that you generally disapprove of working in any of the above locales, do let us know in the remarks area.

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